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Lethal Weapon

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  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama

Release Date: 2016-10-21
IMDB Rating: 7.7
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Summary: Combining action and drama with friendship and humor, LETHAL WEAPON reboots the hit movie franchise, as it follows classic cop duo Riggs and Murtaugh, who are working a crime-ridden beat in modern-day Los Angeles. Grief-stricken after the loss of his young wife and unborn child, ex-Navy SEAL-turned-detective MARTIN RIGGS moves to California to "start over” at the LAPD. He's paired up with ROGER MURTAUGH, who's just coming back to the job after a near-fatal heart attack. Riggs' penchant for diving headfirst into the line of fire immediately clashes with Murtaugh's prudent, by-the-book technique. It's clear from the moment they meet, this partnership could be lethal.

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1 seasons Watchlist
Season 1 ( 15 episodes )
Episode 15 (7 active links) Aired 2017-02-15
Episode 14 (17 active links) Aired 2017-02-08
Episode 13 (17 active links) Aired 2017-01-25
Episode 12 (17 active links) Aired 2017-01-18
Episode 11 (16 active links) Aired 2017-01-11
Episode 10 (15 active links) Aired 2017-01-04
Episode 9 (23 active links) Aired 2016-12-07
Episode 8 (13 active links) Aired 2016-11-30
Episode 7 (13 active links) Aired 2016-11-16
Episode 6 (9 active links) Aired 2016-11-02
Episode 5 (2 active links) Aired 2016-10-19
Episode 4 (2 active links) Aired 2016-10-12
Episode 3 (2 active links) Aired 2016-10-05
Episode 2 (2 active links) Aired 2016-09-28
Episode 1 (2 active links) Aired 2016-09-21

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